Welcome to Dragedalen Farm

Thanks for checking out our blog. We are Dragedalen Farm (Dragon Valley in english) in the mountains of Telemark, Norway. We have about 10 acres, half grazing fields, half forest. We are farming on the edge of the wild mountains. We have a Zoo Crew of 15 + animals, sheep, cats, dogs, chickens, and visiting horses and cows. Our main focus is on raising our chickens and sheep with organic principles – and we say that because to receive organic certification is extremely expensive and we’d rather spend the money on our animals, not someone else’s admin.

We raise our animals like family. We feel that is the only way to live in harmony, and to make the best food possible. This is our second year of lambs and we are having a blast. There is no better life for us than living close to the land and sharing our lives with our animals.

This blog will be talking about how we do things, the story of our animals, introducing you to traditional Norwegian farming, and the documentation of the different projects we are doing on the farm. We hope you’ll join us by following.

Our ram Horny posing for the camera.

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