Midsummer Grass Wrap-Up

It is August 1st and I am trying to make an assessment of our grass and soil situation. Last year we had a bad drought and the grass was non-existent. I thought maybe since the soil had a year off that it might have a good effect on our grass this year. Wrong.

It seems last year some of our soil suffered. There were many bald spots at the beginning of spring so I replanted them when it was raining. Those bald spots are mostly good now, but since they have new grass in them, those spots are getting hit hard by all the feeding mouths.

The older grass has grown really high, but it is hard and not very popular with the animals. The sheep spend all day with their faces to the ground and they don’t seem to be getting fatter. They are fine weights, but nothing fantastic. There is obviously a lack of nutrients in the soil.

To make things weirder, the pastures that have been naturally and artificially fertilised the last years seems to be creating a bit of stomach irregularity in the sheep. When they eat in the upper fields, their poop comes out in cables but when they eat in the lower unfertilised fields they make pellets. It is hard to know what to do at this point in the season.

The one good thing is that we have lots of poop going back into the soil this year with more sheep and some horses visiting now. I am hoping next year it will begin to sort itself out. I am going to be looking for tips of what we can do for next spring that is natural and sustainable.

I’ll post whatever tips I find out. Meanwhile check out my video about it.

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