Mini Garden Update – Homesteading Keto!

Hey Guys! I wanted to show you how our garden was doing. It looks really happy and I am surprised how much we have been getting out of it.

This is what it looked like at first planting.

I started easy with leafy greens, herbs, and flowers. I figured they would tell me how the soil was doing, and it seems like everyone is happy. We had a bird feeder over the garden at the beginning, but now we are overrun with sunflowers, which is a little bit fun.

I didn’t plant many lettuce varieties, so I am a little bored of the greens right now, but I know better for next year to buy more variety. We bought some of those live herbs from the grocery store and planted them too, so they are loving it. I also found one wild mint in the fields and planted that in our garden to go with the moroccan mint so our winter teas are secured.

Last but not least, our chickens are having a second egg boom right now, so we have them coming out our ears! Homesteading Keto!

Here is a video to show you how things are growing. Enjoy!

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